Coming soon – 1-min real-time data for NSE

Are you an intraday trader and find 5-min updates too slow for you? Do you want to capture volume breakouts as and when they happen in intraday? The wait is over!

By popular demand, we will soon be coming out with 1-min real-time data for all NSE stocks. It will be released as a beta release of Investar (Investar Beta) for a short period during which it will be available FREE to all our current NSE intraday 5-min subscribers. After the beta is over, it will be available as a 1-min Intraday(NSE) add-on which will be chargeable (in addition to the 5-min add-on that is currently available).

Our 1-min data will now enable traders to get more precise volume breakouts as well as enable them to scan for buy/sell signals on lesser than 5-min timeframe charts.

Just as our 5-min intraday add-on was unique when it was introduced, we expect the 1-min intraday add-on to be a unique cost-effective replacement for tick-by-tick real-time data, since most Technical Analysis is anyway done on minimum 1-min timeframes.

Stay tuned!