Coming soon – 1-min real-time F&O with 1-min Nifty Editions…

We will soon be releasing real-time data for all NSE Futures and Options with the “Intraday(NSE F&O 1-min ) Add-on” in 2nd half of next week. All features and bug fixes made in the Beta version will make it to the Investar release.

Access of free 1-min real-time F&O data in our Beta version will end approximately one week after the release date (to give interested users sufficient time to purchase the addon). We thank all Beta users for providing us valuable feedback during the Beta.

At the time of the release, we will also be launching an enhanced Nifty Special Edition (with 1-min data) and a new product, Nifty 50 Special Edition, which will cater to traders of Nifty, BankNifty and all Nifty 50 stocks, their futures and options.

We will be sending out an official announcement with further instructions as soon as we make the release.

Stay tuned!