Investar 4.0 is now available – with 1-min real-time data for NSE stocks!

We are pleased to announce a new release of Investar with the following features:

  • 1-min real-time data for all NSE equities
  • Support for 1,2,3,4-min charts in addition to 10-min, 2-hr and 4-hr charts (including Buy/Sell Signals)
  • Intraday Screener and Scan Alerts in 1, 2 and 3-min timeframes
  • More Indicators (Supertrend, Bollinger Bandwidth, %B etc)
  • New Scans based on Supertrend & Pivot Points (specially for day-traders)
  • 1-min Volume Gainers/Losers and New High/Low scans to identify volume breakouts in intraday.
  • and many more

To see what’s new in the Investar 4.0 release, we highly recommend What’s New in Investar 4.0 video in either English or Hindi.

With the 4.0 release we are also introducing the Intraday (NSE 1-min) Add-On which enables 1-min real-time data for all NSE stocks. Once we release the new version, all Investar intraday users will have a choice to stay with the Intraday (NSE 5-min) Add-On or upgrade to Intraday (NSE 1-min) Add-On for NSE (pricing will be announced at the time of release). Choosing the Intraday (NSE 1-min) Add-On will give access to all intraday timeframes upto 1-min.

If you have Investar 3.0, you simply start Investar 3.0 and it will auto-upgrade to Investar 4.0. In case you don’t have Investar 3.0, you can download the new release from our Downloads Section.

We thank all our Beta users for giving us valuable feedback about our 1-min Beta. Free access to the 1-min data in Beta version will be available till 2nd September (approximately for a week after Investar 4.0 release).