Investar 5.3 released

We are pleased to announce a new release of Investar 5.3.

All the features that were earlier in “Investar Beta” are now in “Investar 5.3”. We thank all the users who provided valuable feedback during the last Beta.

Notable changes since Investar 5.2 :

  • Trading through Zerodha Account now possible (Trade using price alerts, scan alerts, chart and option chain).
  • 10-min timeframe scans & scan alerts added.
  • Option Chain with Put-Call Ratio (By right click on Chart or symbol in watchlist or scans).
  • FII/DII trading activity up to last one year with day-wise/month-wise filters in Market Overview.
  • Beta values for stocks in Fundamentals.
  • Commodiy Symbol Look Up now has filters of category and sub category.
  • Chart can be viewed for a symbol of selected order from Order Book.
  • Set or Remove Price/Scan Alerts by right click on Chart.
  • and many more…

Which bugs have been fixed in Investar 5.3 ?

  • In some scenarios, levels specified with indicator was not shown in multi window layout.
  • Volume sticks were shown for zero volume.
  • For buy/sell signals, faster/slower moving average selection was not right when different moving averages (e.g. EMA and SMA) had same parameter.
  • Correction in Fibonacci Fan drawing.
  • In daily chart, during market hours, sometimes last candle did not update.
  • Investar crashed if someone tried to edit Composite Scans using “Common Tasks->Scans->Edit Composite Scan” option.

What are the new Changes in Investar 5.3 ?

  • Revised parameter ranges for many Indicators.
  • Facility to change Bollinger Bands fill colour.
  • Empty favorite groups will be removed (at next software start).
  • Quickly move to a scrip in Favorite Group on press of the first Letter key.
  • Left and Right arrow key to shrink/expand the node in Favourite Tree.
  • Remove any chart area (except first) by right click on Chart.
  • Watchlist bar fonts are bigger and more visible.
  • Scan filter of NSE With “F&O”, even if there is no subscription for F&O.
  • BANKNIFTY weekly Options now available.

Note: If you are already using Investar 5.2, it will upgrade automatically to Investar 5.3.

To understand all the Zerodha Trading through Investar features in more detail, please download the recently conducted webinar, “Introducing Zerodha Trading through Investar“. You can also view the webinar  here: