Investar 5.4 : What’s New for Investar Users

Investar 5.4 was released just a few minutes ago. It is the second major release of the year 2016, and brings some exciting new features, improvements and fixes several bugs. Many of the changes are based on your feedback.

Investar users, Investar 5.4

What gets us motivated is to make our software’s feature set so complete so that you don’t have to switch to any other, expensive software.

Notable changes since Investar 5.3 :

  • Weekly and Monthly timeframe scans, scan alerts and advisor.
  • New Scans: 5-yr high, 15-yr high, 5-yr low, 15-yr low, High Dividend Yield, High Beta.
  • Facility to customize chart theme.
  • Dividend Yield % in fundamentals for TTM, MRQ, FY.
  • Enhanced Basic and Lite Edition.
  • Addons not required for EOD data.
  • and many more…

What are the new Changes in Investar 5.4 ?

  • Pivot Lines are now allowed in Option’s chart.
  • Dividend Yield % and Beta values in Fundamental’s view of Favorite Tree and Portfolio.
  • Candle High/Low color customization will not be preserved in Chart View now.
  • Improvements in Standard Edition like increased capacity of chart views, layouts, favorite groups, favorite scrips, chart comparison etc.
  • Basic Edition now supports more scans, more indicators, intraday screener, increased capacity of favorite groups, favorite scrips, chart window etc.
  • Separate scan update frequencies for different exchanges.
  • Scan Timeframe is preserved separately for different exchange.
  • Empty favorite group will not be removed on restart of software.
  • Enhanced Basic and Lite Editions.

Which bugs have been fixed in Investar 5.4 ?

  • Sometimes Slide Show was not working properly.
  • In EOD subscription with fresh run, switching between exchanges for daily scans was not working.
  • In particular scenario, Navigation Pane width kept automatically increasing on every restart of Investar.
  • and many more…

Note: If you are already using Investar 5.3, it will upgrade automatically to Investar 5.4.

A new video explaining the usage of the key features is now available, “What’s New in Investar 5.4“.