Investar App Refer and Earn

Today, we’re excited to let you know that the Refer A Friend program has been upgraded! The Investar App Refer and Earn program is a great way to earn extra cash simply by telling your friends about Investar App.

The Investar Referral Program allows registered Investar App users to earn Subscription Credits/Cash Credits toward future payments by referring friends to Investar. You can even track your referrals and the reward earned in the real-time on your “My Wallet” section in App.

What is the Investar App Referral Program?

It’s the only Referral program that should matter, is what it is! When anyone signs up to Investar App using your Referral link, you get Rs.51 as Cash Credit as well as your friend also receive Rs.51. which you can either encash or use it towards any future subscription. Ka-ching! 💸

Put it simply,

You refer your friends — They Register — We pay you!

How it works

Goto Menu of Investar app and click on Menu and select My Wallet

My Wallet

You can see there is a small dialog box with some figures.1) The amount of money that you have Earned so far 2) Subscription Credit (through Tool Payment) and 3) Cash Credit.

Amount Earned so far through Refer and Earn

Click ‘Refer & Earn’ and now invite friends through any your preferred medium such as Facebook, Whatsapp or any other.

Refer A Friend

For each friend that registers on our App, you will get Rs.51 as Cash Credit. Please note that you cannot refer an existing user.

How to encash Cash Credit

A cash credit can be encashed once it has reached a minimum value of Rs. 5000. It can only be encashed through Investar website. In order to receive the cash credit, a user needs to fill up and submit our details on the claim form. 10% TDS will be deducted from the claimed amount before payment to the user. The amount will be encashable only in INR.

After clicking Claim You Cash, the user will be redirected to Encash Your Wallet Balance page(shown below). You just need to fill up all the details and encash your cash credit.

Encash Your Wallet Balance

As always, If you have any questions around this, just drop us a comment here or write to us at We’ll help you right out!