New release of Investar Beta with Performance improvements…

We are pleased to announce a new release of of Investar Pro Beta is here! We’ve spent a lot of time improving RAM performance to ensure it runs on low-RAM configuration systems also (Thanks to your feedback!).

What are the key features/improvements?

  • Improved RAM Memory performance.
  • Support for Custom Timeframes in Multi-timeframe scans.
  • Auto-Divergence based on current cursor.
  • New drawings: Gann Square/Box and ABCD/XABCD harmonic patterns.
  • Support for N-bars back and Risk-Reward Ratio.
  • Many more

Which bugs have been fixed in Beta?

  • DayHigh and DayLow scan were giving “No Scans” in Favorite Tree on next day.
  • Support Zone 2 based custom scans are not supported.
  • Scans were updating every 1min/5min (depending on addon) for all higher custom Tfs.
  • NR7 and NR4 pattern were not giving correct result in some cases.
  • Custom Scan status is not displayed properly in case of EOD addon.
  • Many more

If you are already using Beta version, it will upgrade automatically when you start it.

We would also like to let you know that with this release, we are getting ready to finally end the Beta period (probably the longest in the history of Investarindia!) and make the final release of Investar Pro Edition 6.0, in the next few weeks.

After the Beta period is over, some features like Custom Screener, Custom Timeframes etc will be available only to our Pro Edition users, so in case you are still not using the Beta version, this is your last chance to download and use it as soon as possible and feel free to let us know what you think.

What’s more, Investar 5.5 and Investar Beta can run simultaneously, so it will not affect your normal usage.

Stay tuned!