New Release of Investar Beta…

We are pleased to announce new release of Investar Beta( , is now available .

What’s new in Beta

  • FII/DII trading activity up to last one year with day-wise/month-wise filters in Market Overview.
  • Beta values for stocks in Fundamentals.
  • Commodiy Symbol Look Up now has filters of category and sub category.
  • Place order from portfolio for Short-Sell and Cover-Short transactions
  • Chart can be viewed for a symbol of selected order from Order Book.
  • and many more…..

Which bugs have been fixed in Beta

  • In some scenarios levels specified with indicator was not shown in multi window layout.
  • Volume sticks were shown for zero volume.
  • For buy/sell signals, faster/slower moving average selection was not right when both moving average has same parameter.

What are the new Changes in Beta

  • Revised parameter ranges for many Indicators.
  • Facility to change Bollinger Bands fill colour.

If you are already using Beta version, it will upgrade automatically when you launch it.

In case you are not using the Beta version, we highly recommend that you download and use Investar Beta,  and provide us your feedback.