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Mobile Pricing FAQs

  • Can I try Investar Mobile before going for a subscription?
  • Yes, you can download the basic free version available at the application store. Android application is available at Google play and Iphone app is available at iPhone app store.
    It provides 1-min real-time updates of NSE stocks with few restrictions.
    Search “Investar” in respective app store and download it.
  • What are the restrictions in the Lite Version?
  • In Android and Iphone application, free version does not allow to create more than 3 watchlists. Android application has Technical Analysis (TA) features with few restrictions.
    Iphone application does not provide features related to Technical analysis as of now.
  • What is the cost of Investar Mobile?
  • The cost of Investar Mobile(TA Addon for android) is Rs. 1229 excluding Goods and Service Tax per year. TA addon activates the Watchlist addon for free. Note, TA addon is not available for Iphone application as of now.
    For android tablets, TA addon is worth Rs. 1653 (excluding Goods and Service tax) per year. For more details you can visit our pricing section.
  • How to subscribe to Investar Mobile?
  • 1) You can pay through the application itself. Start the application, Goto Menu->Buy Technical analysis addon Or
    2) You can visit the pricing section of our website and select “Investar for smart phones” or “Investar for Tablets” (depending on your device) and make the payment.
    We recommend you to purchase the application through our website.
    Note: Through website, you can only purchase Technical Analysis addon for android. Watchlist addon is free with Technical Analysis addon for android.
  • Is it possible to cancel my subscription after payment?
  • No, as of now you cannot cancel the subscription after payment.
  • How to purchase the Watchlist addon for Android/Iphone?
  • The application will prompt you to purchase Watchlist addon from the mobile itself. You can not purchase Watchlist addon through website.
  • What are the features of Watchlist (W/L) addon?
  • Watchlist addon allows users to add unlimited watchlists with a limit of 15 scrips per watchlist.
  • What are the features of Technical Analysis addon?
  • 1. Technical analysis addon (available only for android) has following features:
    2. Automatic 5min candle chart updates
    3. Indicators like EMA, SMA, RSI, Stochastics, MACD and Volume
    4. Buy/Sell signals,
    5. Chart Zoom-in/Zoom-out
    6. Pivot-Points based resistance and support levels
  • Are you planning to provide technical analysis addon with Iphone application?
  • Yes, work is in progress.
  • I have purchased the addons for mobile but it is still not activated.
  • Please contact Investar at the below mentioned contact details:
    1. Mobile: +91-97250-10401
    2. Email: