Best Technical Analysis Software for Indian Stock Market

Investar Technical Analysis Software has unique features that are not found in any other software that we know of. These are our proprietary Auto-Support/Resistance and Auto-Supply/Demand Zones feature (powered by AI). Support, Resistance and Supply/Demand Zones. In most other software you have to manually plot them, while in Investar, you get them by simply visiting the chart of your chosen timeframe. So, even if you are not an expert Technical Analyst and not good at drawing support/resistance and supply/demand zones, Investar would make it easy for you to use them in your Technical Analysis. Not only that, but Investar will also scan automatically for stocks that are breaking out of resistance to make it a breeze to identify good volume breakouts. You can also find more accurate targets and stop-losses, and also find high Reward-to-Risk ratio trades to ensure you stay profitable in your trading over the long run.

Trend identification is usually done by drawing Trendlines manually in most Technical Analysis Software, but in addition to that, Investar has an Auto-Trendline feature that will automatically draw trendlines on visiting a chart on whichever timeframe you have chosen. Our Auto-Divergence feature also helps find out divergences in price and oscillators like RSI, MACD, Stochastics etc.

If you use Classical Patterns in your Technical Analysis, then Investar comes with the Auto-Classical Pattern feature which automatically identifies most Classical Patterns like Head and Shoulders, Double Top/Bottom, Cup-with-Handle and many others on simply visiting a chart. What’s more, it also scans for stocks and futures that are forming these patterns.

If you use Harmonic Patterns in your Technical Analysis, then Investar comes with the Auto-Harmonic Pattern feature which not only automatically identifies most Harmonic Patterns on simply visiting the chart but also scans for them.

To top it all, Investar Annual Subscription (Standard Edition and above) also come with Free Technical Analysis Training to ensure you learn to perform Trend Analysis and Support/Resistance Analysis to perfect your Buy and Sell timing to get an upto 83% success rate.

Technical Analysis Software

  • Get Intraday/Swing-Trading ideas with powerful Intraday Screener.
  • Automatic Buy/Sell Signals in Charts.
  • Bullish/Bearish Pop-up Alerts on Favorite Scrips.
  • View LIVE Intraday & Daily Charts simultaneously.
  • Auto-updating Intraday and End-Of-Day Market Data.
  • Get daily trading ideas with 190+ Technical & Fundamental Scans.
  • Integrated Technicals & Fundamentals with Expert Advisor.
  • 65+ Popular Technical Indicators with 35+ Drawings.
  • Powerful Portfolio Manager with user-friendly import.
  • Intraday/Short Term/Long Term/F&O Capital Gains.

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