Auto-Support/Resistance (powered by AI)

The Auto-Support/Resistance feature in Investar uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically plot the support/resistance levels and rate them based on the strength of different levels to perform analysis just as an expert Technical Analyst.
AI is used to detect the based support/resistance levels and rated based on the following factors:

  • Number of touches
  • Length of the line
  • Recency of the line
  • Violations of the line

Enable Auto-Support/Resistance in any Chart View to plot the support/resistance levels automatically.


Risk is the user-configured Stop-Loss and Reward is the potential profit based on the nearest support/resistance levels

Risk/Reward Ratio

Note: Auto-Support/Resistance Levels dynamically change based on timeframe.

Scan for Auto-Support/Resistance breakouts/breakdowns automatically

Auto-Support/Resistance breakouts and breakdowns

Visually Back-Test

Visually back-test previous levels by moving the cursor to any point in the chart in “Auto-SRT based on Current Cursor” mode.

Auto-Support/Resistance based on Current Curso