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Best Trading Software for Trading of NSE Stocks and F&O with Upto 83% success rate

Investar Stock Trading Software can be used to find trading ideas for day trading and swing trading using the in-built intraday screener. Find Winning Stocks using Powerful Technical & Fundamental Scans. Perfect your Indian Stock Analysis with Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis of the entire Indian Stock Market (NSE, BSE & F&O). Use Fundamental Analysis to build a watchlist of sound stocks and then perform Technical Analysis to time your Buys and Sells. The in-built Portfolio Manager integrated with Charting helps you analyze past investments and make better investment decisions. Novice investors can use the in-built Expert Technical and Fundamental Advisor to help in decision-making or get Free Technical Analysis Training to get Upto 83% success rate.

Technical Analysis Software with Buy/Sell Trading Alerts

  • Identify Trends and Divergences
    Identify trends and divergences easily using our Auto-Trendline and Auto-Divergence (powered by AI) tools.
  • Technical Indicators with Buy/Sell Signals
    Use a plethora of Technical Indicators with Buy/Sell signals to make profitable trading decisions.
  • Find out more accurate targets
    Using our proprietory Auto-Support/Resistance and Auto-Supply/Demand Zones (powered by AI)
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Trading software with Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis for Indian Stocks

Get investing ideas using pre-defined Fundamental Scans
  • Fundamental Analysis
    Identify the best stocks to invest using Fundamental Analysis on companies listed on BSE and NSE and prepare a watchlist of stocks with great Fundamentals.
  • Fundamental Scans
    Quickly Create a Watchlist from a list of Fundamental Scans (e.g. High-Dividend Yield,High EPS Growth%, High Sales Growth% etc).
  • Fundamentals along with Technicals
    Identify good stocks with Fundamental Analysis and time your entries and exits with Technical Analysis to get better results in your investing.
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Trading software with Fundamental Analysis

Auto-Updating Custom Screener

Get Profitable Intraday/Swing Trading Ideas effortlessly
  • Multi-timeframe Scans
    Scan simultaneously in multiple timeframes from 1-min to Monthly timeframes to identify more profitable trades.
  • Scan for Support/Resistance/Trendline Volume Breakouts
    Scan for Auto-Support/Resistance, Auto-Supply/Demand Zone and Auto-Trendline based volume breakouts.
  • User-friendly Custom Screener
    Create Complex auto-updating Custom Scans using plain English (with automatic conversion to C-like code for more sophisticated programmers)
  • Combination Scans
    Combine Indicator, Candlestick, Heiken Aishi, Price Action, Support/Resistance, Trendline and Supply/Demand Zone Scans to get the perfect winning stocks
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Trading software with Custom Screener

Portfolio Management with Integrated Trading

Semi-Algo Stock Trading Software for Systematic Trading
  • Integration with Leading Online Brokers
    Trade directly from Investar with leading online brokers like Zerodha and track your Portfolio and P&L in real-time.
  • Semi-algo trading
    Quickly place trades based on buy/sell scan alerts generated by Investar
  • Integrated Portfolio and Charting
    View Portfolio Transactions on Chart to improve Buy/Sell Timing.
  • Profit/Loss Reporting
    Intraday/Long Term/Short Term/F&O Capital Gain/Loss Report.
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Trading software with Portfolio Management