A new Investar Mobile Beta app is here…

We’re excited to announce a new Mobile beta release with many new features that make it easier to use and more reliable. Guided by your feedback, we worked really hard to introduce the most requested features while improving our existing ones.

All the features that are in Investar app (v. 3.2) are in Investar Mobile Beta app (v. 1.8). What’s more, Investar (  ) and Investar Mobile Beta can run simultaneously.

How to get the new version?

You may download the mobile application directly by typing the following URL into your mobile browser:

Here’s what’s new:

  • New indicators added – Bollinger Bands and ADX.
  • Trade live wherever you are ! (Trade from Investar App into your Zerodha Account).
  • Add up to 3 chart areas.
  • Scan Alerts.

What are the new Changes in Mobile Beta?

  1. Plotting Y-Axis with proper limits in landscape chart view.
  2. MA’s parameters change from 1..100 to 1..200.
  3. Users can add MAs on other indicators like Volume,  RSI etc.
  4. Place order from Home page and Raised Scans alert list.

Which bugs have been fixed in Mobile Beta?

  1. Cursor disappears in line chart on tick updates.
  2. Improper plotting of Pivot Point based Resistance/Support lines and MAs in some cases.
  3. Chart update issues.
  4. Incorrect plotting of first candle bar in daily charts.

Who can get Investar Mobile Beta?

  • Investar Desktop Annual users subscribed with Intraday Add-on.
  • Investar Mobile Trial version users.

Note :  Investar Mobile Beta is not available on Google Play, so please do not rate it on Google Play.

Scan Alerts in mobile beta version are available with Investar Desktop Annual subscription with Intraday Screener Addon.