New Release of Investar Mobile 3.9 Beta…

Investar App will be 6 this year, which gave us occasion to reflect a bit. We’ve had many major releases of Investar app during this time, the latest of which—Investar 3.8—has been our most successful product to date.

Now, you’ll be able to get hands-on with the beta release of Investar 3.9. Here are some of the new features in the Investar App 3.9 Beta:

New indicators

We have more than doubled the number of technical indicators available for use within charts. Now you can easily add up to 35+ indicators to your chart.

Add New indicators in Investar app

Investar Beta App now support indicator such as:

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Multiple Chart-Views

You asked and we listened. Now we have multiple chart view option

Multiple Chart-Views in Investar app

You can change the chart view easily, simply click on “ 3 dots ”  button displayed in the top-right corner and instantly change your chart view or simply click on the Chart-View name. You can also delete an existing chart view or create new chart view.

To delete any chart view simply click the “bin” icon left to your chart view name.

Multiple Chart Durations

We have added Multiple Chart Durations, e.g., 10-day, 2-months, 3-year & 5-year, simply select duration of your choice from the “Duration” drop-down menu.

Multiple Chart Duration in Investar app

New Chart-Types

As part of a wave of new updates, we unveiled a set of new charts types to give you more ways to explore data. Say hello to Bar, Line, and Line with Dots,  that help you quickly visualize charts more easily.

New Chart-Types in Investar app

Watch-lists as Favorites

Now In Investar App beta, you will be able to select Watch-lists as Favorites. Favorite Watch-lists always appear at the top of the selection list.

Watch-lists as Favorites in Investar app

You can mark any watch-list as a Favorite for easy access in App. Just select the watch-list from the top then a dialog will pop up, simply select the watch-lists you want to set as a favorite.

You can also remove your favorite watch-list any-time, you just have to click at the top where your watch-list name is appearing and then click on the “Bin” icon to remove your favorite watch-list.

Learn more and connect with us

The team loves hearing what you have to say about our App and workflows. Keep it coming! We look forward to hearing your feedback. Reporting feedback from the app is easy. Simply touch the drawer menu and select “Report Feedback”.

How to get the new version?

You may download the mobile application directly by typing the following URL into your mobile browser:

Note: Investar Mobile Beta is not available on Google Play, so please do not rate it on Google Play.