Coming Soon : Investar with Auto-Support/Resistance

As our Beta release with Auto-Support/Resistance comes to an end, we will soon be releasing a new version of Investar with Auto-Support/Resistance addon that will be available as a release to all users.

We will be making one last Beta release tomorrow before releasing the Auto-Support/Resistance feature as an addon. We thank all our Beta users for the feedback given so far. If you have not given feedback yet, it is still not late to provide it. You can do so from our support section. We will choose 3 users who gave the best  feedback for Auto-SR during the Beta and add the Auto-SR addon free to the remaining part of their subscriptions.

The Auto-Support/Resistance (Auto-SR) addon (to be released next week) will add the following features to Investar:

  • Support/Resistance levels automatically drawn on visiting any chart using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Auto-SR -based scans to help identify support/resistance breakouts.
  • Risk/Reward ratio and Stop-Loss displayed on the chart
  • Scans to identify stocks with the best Risk/Reward ratio.

Here is a screenshot of Investar Beta showing Auto-SR in action. Have you used it yet? If not, you can download it here before the Beta ends.

Investar Beta with AutoSR

Investar Beta with Auto-Support/Resistance Levels, Very Strong Resistance Scans (using Auto-SR) and Risk/Reward Ratio

Stay tuned!