Investar Mobile 4.1 with features never before seen in any app

The release of Investar Mobile 4.0 paved the way for many exciting Schema implementations.  We always keep adding new features to the app to enhance your mobile experience with our App.

So, in Investar Mobile 4.1, we’ve introduced features never before seen in any app such as Support/Resistance, Trendlines, Supply-Demand Zones, Divergence lines (powered by AI).


Support/Resistance is widely used by Technical Analysts as a way to enter and exit trades and set targets.

The Auto-Support/Resistance (Auto-SR) will add the following features to Investar App:

  • Support/Resistance levels automatically drawn on visiting any chart using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Auto-SR -based scans to help identify support/resistance breakouts.
  • Risk/Reward ratio displayed on the chart

Auto-Support/Resistance in App

Step 1: Simply select Auto S/R Levels from the chart menu “RST” and get the Auto S/R Level or any Auto S/R features instantly.

For example, if you have selected Auto S/R Levels then the chart will look something like below:


Auto SR Zones

Supply-Demand Zones (or Support-Resistance Zones or SR Zones for short) are areas of supply/demand created in the chart. Nearby Support/Resistance lines can be clubbed together to create a Support/Resistance zone. Using S/R zones instead of S/R lines can improve the accuracy of trading immensely as it can help you to avoid false buy/sell signals as well as give better targets and stop losses.

To enable Auto SR zones, just check the Auto SR Zones from the chart Menu and enable Auto SR zones:


Red line indicates Resistance zones and Green line indicates Support Zones.

Auto Divergence in Chart

Auto Divergence

In the above chart, the lines on the chart indicate Auto Divergence, meaning when price makes higher highs, but the indicator makes a lower high. Lines in the chart indicate Regular Bullish/Bearish Divergence, and Hidden Bullish/Bearish divergence, and associated colors.

Learn more and connect with us

The team loves hearing what you have to say about our App and workflows. Keep it coming! We look forward to hearing your feedback. Reporting feedback from the app is easy. Simply touch the drawer menu and select “Report Feedback”.

Note:  If you are already using Investar Mobile App 4.0, it will upgrade automatically to Investar App 4.1.

For more details, see this video below: