Zerodha Trading from Investar

Investar now provides integration with Zerodha, so you can directly place orders through Investar software and track the executed trades automatically in our unique and powerful Portfolio Manager.

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Following are the details on getting started with Zerodha trading in Investar:

You can simply place an order (buy/sell) in the following ways

  • Right-click on the Chart
  • Right-click on Favorite in Favorite Group (watchlists)
  • Right-click on symbol in Scan
  • When a scan alert is generated
  • Right-click on an existing position in Portfolio Manager.

Follow this quick tutorial on everything you need to know to get started on to trade directly in your Zerodha account.

Step 1 : Login to Investar software and select the stock you want to place an order with. After placing an order, the Place Order tab in the Order Management window opens.The Order Book tab beside it helps you monitor/cancel/modify your orders.

trade directly in your Zerodha account Step 1

In the above screenshot  you will see various boxes, let me explain the use of each of them:

    • Exchange : It indicates which segment you are placing the orders i.e. NSE , NFO (NSE Futures & Options), BSE , MCX (Commodities).
    • Transaction Type : It indicates the type of transaction your are placing i.e. Buy/Sell.
    • Order Type: The different order types Market order (where you buy/sell at market price),Limit order (where you specify the buy/sell price), Stop Loss Orders(SL – where your buy/sell order placed by you to limit the losses), Stop loss market (SL-M – where your order is sent to the exchange as a Market order).
    • Product Type: CNC – stands for Cash and Carry, MIS -stands for Margin intraday square off. CNC product code is used for Delivery based trading of equity. MIS product code is used for trading Intraday Equity, Intraday F&O and Intraday ,Commodity Trading.
    • Qty: It indicates the Buy/Sell order Quantity. By default it is 1. You can change the default quantity.
    • Price: You can only mention the price if your order is limit order or SL, if it is a market order or SL-M this field cannot be entered.
    • Trig. Price: Trigger price will be used for Stop Loss orders. The price at which you need the stop loss to be activated.
    • Validity: You get only 2 options, Day orders (valid till end of day) or IOC – Immediate or Cancel(request if not executed immediately will get cancelled).
    • Disc Quantity: Only a part of the order quantity is disclosed to the market. If you are placing a big limit order and you don’t want the entire quantity to be disclosed  you can choose Disclosed Quantity.
    • Add to Basket: You can add multiple orders to your basket  that hold the orders for you.
    • Clear: It will clear your order.
    • Place Order: Place an Order.

Pace an order

Step 2 : Once clicked on place order you will see the following Screen open in a new window which takes you to the Zerodha Kite interface.

Zerodha kite Login page

The process involves entering your valid Zerodha login credentials,  and answering two security questions, the answers to which only you know (You only need to do this once a day!).

valid zerodha login credentials

Step 3 : Once you login you can cross-check your order in Zerodha with Investar before finalizing your order.

Place order

Once your order is submitted it cannot be modified in any way.  click on “Finish” to confirm and place your order.

 place your order.

Step 4 : After placing an order you can check the status of the same. The status will be COMPLETE if the order has been completed, or it can be REJECTED if your order has been rejected.

Check Status

Step 5 : After placing a trade, if the order status is COMPLETE, you can enter them as a transaction into your Investar Portfolio Manager (No more contract notes to import!). See the screenshot below:

Add orders into Portfolio Manager

Step 6 : After adding the transactions into our Portfolio Manager, you can even see the trades and charts together, making it very simple to visualize.

see the trades and charts together

Hopefully now you should be in a position to understand how to Trade from Investar into your Zerodha Account.

Open a Zerodha account with us to get a FREE Technical Analysis webinar + one month full-featured Investar intraday subscription combo (a Rs 6245 value).

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