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Indian Share Market Technical & Fundamental Expert Advisor for Indian Shares(BSE,NSE,F&O)

FeaturesPro EditionStandard / Nifty-50 /Nifty Special EditionBasic EditionLite Edition
Expert Advisor
View Technical Advice based on
EMA Crossovers +
MACD Crossovers +
Bullish Candlestick Formations +
Bearish Candlestick Formations +
View Fundamental Advice based on
EPS Growth %
Sales Growth %
Favorite and scans
Scan & Favorites Views
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Maximum Favorite Groups (WatchLists) 50 50 20 10
Maximum Scrips tracked in WatchLists 750 750 500 250
Maximum Scrips tracked per Group 750 750 500 250
Add/Delete Favorites Group
Add/Delete Favorites
Show Industry Comparison
Add Favorite Index Group
Add Favorite Industry Group
Group-By (MarketCap, Vol%, Industry,Rating, Default)
Scan Alerts
Price Alerts
Portfolio Alerts
Add Favorites from Browser
Synchronize Favorites to Website (or other devices)
Rate stocks appearing in scans & group them by rating
Quickly add a stock appearing in a scan as a Favorite
Add chart symbol to favorite group.
Add scrip of predefined group (e.g. FO Traded Scrips) to user defined groups.
Industry Comparison for Scans & Favorites
Option Chain for Scans & Favorites
Customizable Favorite View
            +  = Also available with Intraday Add-on